• as the macula break a Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer hole

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    Dr Cheng told reporters, as the macula break a Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer hole burned, so there is always a shadow of things to see. Although only a small part of the whole retina, but macular bear more than 90% of central visual function, eye gather information richest and most sensitive areas, people often can see some details of objects, because these objects How was the the center of the macula, if this place is broken, there will be "to see where, but I do not see where" the
    http://www.lasereshop.com/laser-sight/p-29.htmlsituation."Here we have a laser pointer cheap and expensive, you have to what?" Lijiacun outside a primary school near a small sale of stationery and toy store, the owner is very warm reporters about the sale of two of their types of laser pointer. The mouth hung convenient laser pointer on the shelf toy, about the length of the fingers, with a metal buckle, the front part there are three lamp, in addition to emit a red light, but also with detector UV money and a small flashlight function, the sale price of 5 yuan. "This small popular among students, according to buy the kids cheap to play, but easily broken, another much larger for the professional, the price is a bit
    http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-27.html'expensive. "After saying that is taken to another great laser pointer 500mw of power, the volume is about the size of a small flashlight, outside the box." The teachers are mostly bought used in class , strong light irradiation is even further away, but also changing patterns, 25 yuan. " Reporters saw, and not Chinese instructions on the box, and these two green laser pointers pen that also have Chinese identity, marked only with the English words "Danger (danger)," the limit of power output are marked as 5mw and 500mw.

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    Eyes Binbin "burn" injury, which is a known "refers to the star pen" high power laser pointer. Dr. Zheng repeatedly encountered such a case, had specifically find relevant information, we found that these "means star pen" portable laser 100 milliwatts of small, large up to 500 mW. "It refers to the star pen" to keep up with class instead of "pointer" Using the laser pointer is not the same class with the ordinary laser pointer, generally lower output power of 0.4 mW, will not cause eye damage, but not direct eye exposure."Tell their children, do not take the laser sights when the toy is irradiated with each other." Text to remember, but also equipped with a laser pointer in the picture, is this, Lee scared jump, and because no band money, Lee gave a few days ago to buy a 5-year-old pointer Green Dot Laser Sight Rifle son. "You send a green light can be irradiated very far, very nice, I think of it as a small flashlight, looked at the pictures before you know it is a pointer, did not expect the damage to the eyes so big!" Said Ms. Lee.