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iLOGO! Manual A5E00228550-01


Dear customer

We thank you for purchasing LOGO! and congratulate you on your decision. With LOGO! you have acquired a logic module that meets the stringent quality requirements of ISO 9001.

LOGO! can be used in many fields of applications. Due to its high functionality and yet easy operation the LOGO! offers you highly efficient economies for almost any application.

Purpose of this manual

This LOGO! manual provides you with information about the creation of circuit programs, about the installation and use of LOGO! 0BA4 devices and expansion modules, and about their compatibility to the previous 0BA0-0BA3 versions (0BAx are the last four characters of the order number and differentiate the device series).

LOGO!’s place in information technology

The wiring information in your LOGO! manualis also found in the LOGO! Product Info included with all devices. For further information on programming the LOGO! on your PC, with the PC in the Online Help for LOGO!Soft Comfort. LOGO!Soft Comfort is the programming software for PCs. It runs under Windows , Linux , Mac OS X and helps you to get started with LOGO! and to write, test, print out and archive your programs, independent of the LOGO! .


We have divided this manual into 9 chapters:

Getting started with LOGO! LOGO! installation and wiring Programming LOGO! LOGO! functions Configuring LOGO! LOGO! program module (card) LOGO! software Applications Appendix

LOGO! ManualA5E00228550-01 i

Valid range of this manual The manual applies to devices of the series 0BA4.

Changes compared to previous releases of the manual

LOGO! 24o was added. The digital module LOGO! DM 8 24R was added. The analog module LOGO! AM 2 PT100 was added.

Description of changes and new features of the series 0BA4 devices.

Main differences compared to previous devices (0BA0 to 0BA3)

Higher performance: faster execution times

New program module (card) with more memory and know-how protection, selectable at the parameters.

Display with background lighting and 4 x 12 characters.

New features of the current devices (0BA4)

You have 130 blocks available for creating the circuit program. You can select retentivity also for time functions. You can use the LOGO! cursor keys as inputs.

You can use the special functions “Shift register”, “Analog amplifier”, “Analog value monitoring” and “Analog differential trigger”.

You can invert individual inputs. Six of the basic functions are expanded with four inputs. You can test your circuit program online using the PC.

Parameters for certain functions can also be derived from analog values and counter values.

Counter: You can also use fast inputs (I5, I6).

Additional support

At our Internet address http://www.siemens.com/logo you can quickly and easily find answers to your queries about LOGO!.

You can reach Technical Support under: Phone:+49 (0)180 5050-2 Fax:+49 (0)180 5050-223 E-Mail: adsupport@siemens.com

Preface iiiLOGO! Manual A5E00228550-01

Safety guidelines

The notes in this user manual are for your own personal safety and for preventing damage to assets. You should read them carefully and follow the instructions they give you. These notes are highlighted with a warning triangle and are shown according to the degree of hazard as follows:

! Danger Warns that death, serious harm to health or damage to assets will result if the respective precautionary measures are not taken.

! Warning Warns that death, serious harm to health or damage to can result if the respective precautionary measures are not taken.

! Caution Warns that harm to health or damage to assets can result if the respective precautionary measures are not taken.

Caution Means that material damage may occur if corresponding safety measures are not taken.

Note Draws your attention to particularly important information relating to the product and its handling, or to a part of the documentation requiring your special attention.

Qualified personnel

Only skilled personnel should be allowed to start and operate this device. Qualified personnel in the sense of the information on safety technology in this manual are persons who are authorized to commission, to ground and to tag circuits, equipment and systems in accordance with safety regulations and standards.


LOGO! ManualA5E00228550-01 iv

Use as intended Please note:

! Warning This device must always be used as intended for the applications de- scribed in the catalog and in the technical specifications, and only in combination with third-party devices or components approved or recommended by Siemens. Prerequisite for the safe and proper operation of the product is its proper transportation, storage, installation and mounting, and careful operator control and maintenance.


LOGO! is a trademark of SIEMENS AG . Other designations in this documentation may represent trademarks, whose use by third parties for their own purpose my infringe the right of the owner.

Copyright Siemens AG 1996 to 2003 All rights reserved

The reproduction, distribution or use of this document or its contents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All rights reserved, especially for the granting of patents or GM entries.

Disclaimer of liability

We have examined the contents of this publication for agreement with the hardware and software described. Nevertheless, discrepancies can not be ruled out. Any liability and warranty for the accuracy of this information is excluded. The data in this manual are reviewed at regular intervals. Any corrections required are included in the subsequent editions. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

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